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Success Strategies & Incentive Ideas  -Download this in order to see feedback & suggestions from other chapters that has worked.  

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Card Log - Keep track of the cards distributed to your participants, profits returned and expenses due using our spreadsheet template.

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Pledge Card - Secure commitment and share important fundraising information using this pledge card template.

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Sales Sheet - Promote the benefits of your supporters for helping your program. This sales sheet covers a few of the amazing savings your supporters will receive with a $10 contribution to support your FFA Chapter.

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Enroll a Local Vendor - Have your local business owners and restaurants support your FFA Chapter.  Download the local enrollment form, fill it out completely and scan a copy back to merchant sales at Access Development.  Bloom works closely with Access on the platform. Your request will be approved after it is confirmed. 

*Please note that it can take several weeks for vendors to be vetted and approved to be added to the platform, most vendors are accepted but not all. 

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Activating Your FFA Card - It's simple to start saving by using your FFA Travel & Savings Card.  Simply follow the instructions on this document. 

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Social Media Graphics

To download the social media graphics from a desktop or laptop computer:

  1. Right click on the desired image and select "Save Image As..."

  2. Save the image to a location you'll remember on your computer.

  3. Post the image with your desired post copy to your social media accounts.

To download the social media graphics from your mobile device:

  1. Touch and hold your finger on the desired image.

  2. Select "Save Image" from the pop-up notification.

  3. Post the image with your desired post copy to your social media accounts.

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