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How It Works

Your individual FFA members can now sell FFA Travel & Savings memberships on a personalized online fundraising page! For every 10 memberships, you will earn $45 to help fund your projects or competitions PLUS your choice of a pair of Wrangler Jeans. 

What Bloom Delivers

  • No additional work for Ag Advisors 

  • A custom individual crowdfunding page for each member who participates

  • A series of core communications you can distribute to your chapter members bringing awareness to the opportunity

  • Series of emails to your chapter members on how to reach/exceed their fundraising goal 

  • Raised funds will be sent directly to the Ag teacher to distribute to the member

  • 45% FFA return sent to chapter 5% to National FFA with every $10 membership sold **

The member will “Earn a Pair Wrangler Jeans” when selling 10 FFA Travel & Savings memberships.

What Supporters Receive

Each FFA Travel & Savings membership has great offers with tremendous value for your supporters, like the examples below.


  • App Friendly savings right at your fingertips anywhere you go

  • $100 travel Credit valid at over 1.2 million hotels

  • 5-50% off at over thousands of local and national retailers*

  • Plus hundreds of additional offers on dining, shopping and more!

**Travel & Savings memberships purchased online will incur a $3.00 activation fee. Supporters will pay $13.00 total ($10.00 plus $3.00 activation fee). The activation fee covers the cost of hosting your crowdfunding page, credit card fees, and The FFA travel and Savings membership

FFA supporters will save at thousands of places like:


How It Works

  1. Fill out our form to receive more information about our program.

  2. Share your mission through email, social media and word of mouth with your families, volunteers, alumni and community to support your chapter.

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