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Our Mission

Our goal is to support individual chapters and state scholarships of FFA across America by offering simple and highly profitable funding solutions.

Our Goal

In conjunction with FFA, Bloom has developed an annual national campaign with a primary objective of funding local chapters and state grants.  Our goal is to raise additional FFA scholarships while generating thousands of dollars at the local chapter level during the Chapter Challenge Campaign.

Our turnkey program provides:

  • FFA Travel & Savings Rewards Membership Card for every supporter for $10.00 for use via online | mobile app

  • Unprecedented profits of 80% for FFA with industry-leading value loaded into every membership

  • Program is 100% turn-key fully supported by Bloom

  • 30-day payment terms with a return option of 15%


FFA Travel & Savings Rewards Membership Cards


How It Works

Sell FFA Travel & Savings Cards for $10 each and keep $7 profit per card sold! That's it!

What Your Chapter Enjoys

  • 80% Profit per Card Sold (70% to chapter, 5% to the state, 5% to National)

  • 100 Card Minimum Order

  • Re-order in Increments of 25

  • 30 Day Invoicing from the shipment date of cards

  • Purchase for $3.00 per Card  (+S&H)*

       *$1.00 from the $3.00 cost of the FFA card will be used for your state FFA scholarship

  • 15% of Cards may be Returned (+S&H), with a nominal re-stocking fee

  • Success Kit for Selling Cards

Treat Your Supporters

Each FFA Travel & Savings membership has great offers with tremendous value for your supporter.

  • App Friendly for savings right at your fingertips anywhere you go

  • $100 travel Credit valid at over 1.2 million hotels

  • 5-50% off at over 340,000 local and national retailers*

  • Plus hundreds of additional offers on dining, shopping and more!

*Offers vary by location.

FFA supporters will save at places like:


How It Works

  1. Fill out our form to receive more information about our program.

  2. Share your mission through email, social media and word of mouth with your families, volunteers, alumni and community to support your chapter.

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