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Online Chapter Fundraising

Selling FFA Travel & Savings Rewards Memberships Online (digital coupons)


How It Works

A no-risk option allows you to sell FFA Travel & Savings memberships on your online fundraising page, customized for your chapter! Since the Travel & Savings Memberships are valid anywhere you travel you can now sell to friends and family no matter where they live. Pairs perfectly with selling cards as well, this option makes it possible to do both.

What Your Chapter Enjoys

  • No Inventory - No Hassle

  • Puts ease into long distance selling 

  • Easy Online Fundraising Platform - personalized to your chapter

  • Earn 70% + on every transaction*(another 10% goes to state/national)

  • QR code to share with chapter members to use as a sales tool

  • FFA Travel & Savings Memberships are sent directly to the supporter

Your Supporters Receive

       Each FFA Travel & Savings Membership offers:

  • App Friendly Digital Coupons available everywhere you travel

  • Wholesale Travel prices at over 1.2 million hotels ($100 Travel Credit included)

  • 5-50% off at thousands of local and national retailers*

  • Membership is valid for one year from the date of registration

  • Plus hundreds of additional offers on dining, shopping, and more!

*Offers vary by location.


Why It Works

Turnkey Online Customized Program

  • No additional work for Ag Advisors 

  • No inventory or returns 

  • Custom fundraising page for your chapter

  • All transactions online so you don't handle funds

  • Core communications to distribute for chapter members to use

  • Zoom training available and included in program

  • Resources include Facebook posts and text ideas to supporters

  • FFA Travel & Savings Memberships are sent directly to the supporter

Because we believe in the future of Agriculture 

FFA Travel & Rewards Membership

FFA Travel and Rewards platform is your exclusive members-only savings platform. Which offers a 12- month Mobile

App | Online membership to your supporters.  FFA Supporters will enjoy not only thousands of savings but also $100 travel credit to over 500,000 hotels worldwide.

FFA Travel and Rewards platform is your exclusive members-only savings platform. Which offers a 12- month Mobile

App | Online membership to your supporters.  FFA Supporters will enjoy not only thousands of savings but also $100 travel credit to over 500,000 hotels worldwide.


FFA supporters will save at places like:

Proud Partners of the FFA Travel & Savings Cards

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Add A Local Vendor to the Platform

Want to add additional vendors to the myffarewards.com platform?

Apply for Our Grant

We are here to help in any way possible. Be sure to apply for our grant program.


How It Works

  1. Fill out our form to receive more information about our program.

  2. Share your mission through email, social media and word of mouth with your families, volunteers, alumni and community to support your chapter.



What is the FFA Chapter Online Fundraising?

A campaign to sell FFA Travel & Savings Rewards Memberships through a unique online platform. The programs provides an online savings and travel membership worth thousands in savings. 70% of the profits go back to support your chapters FFA programming! 70% to the local chapter and 10% State | National grants. In return, FFA families and community members are able to support FFA and receive a one year travel & savings membership, which includes a $100 credit for hotel stays.

HOW IT WORKS - How can I participate?

To participate quickly and easily, click here. We will provide you with everything you need to be successful!

How much time/work is involved in this program?

Once you fill out the form we will share your custom online fundraising link with you via text and email. We suggest a 3-week time period for promoting your fundraiser. The key is to not stop promoting throughout your time period and be sure to share the reasons why you are fundriaising. Once your campaign is finished, you will recieve your funds the month following the closing date. We provide you everything you need to be successful. Rest assure, we will support you each step of the way.

Where do I find promotional material?

Simply visit our Bloom Online Resources page or our Social Media Resources located on that webpage. If for some reason you can not find what you were looking for, simply email us at info@bloomforgood.com and we can create what you need.

Are there additional benefits to this program?

Yes, all communications will extend your FFA brand and create awareness for your cause. If you choose to add vendors within your local area we have special incentives that go with that. Simply contact us to learn more: info@bloomforgood.com

What percentage of the $20 goes to benefit FFA programs?

The total FFA return to chapters begins at 70% on a $20 membership purchase. Another 10% goes back to State | National to support grants.

When will I receive funds?

Once your campaign closes out you will recieve a check with your funds the following month! Example: Campaign ends January 15th you will recieve funds in February.

What are the fees?

There is no cost for your group to participate. Simply share this opportunity with your members and families. Supporters will purchase a $20 FFA Travel & Savings membership for a online and app friendly savings platform. The FFA Travel & Savings Rewards Membership can save supporters thousands of dollars per year plus a $100 travel credit to save on rooms at 500,000 million hotels.

What does someone receive with a FFA Travel & Savings Membership?

They will save thousands of dollars throughout the year. Click here to see Local and National savings.

How does someone redeem their savings, travel membership, and $100 travel voucher?

Once a supporter purchases there will be instructions on the back of there membership card to activate their memberships. Once that is completed then they no longer need the card. They will access their savings online and via mobile app.

Concerned about local offers in your area?

No problem! You have the ability to add local vendors to the myffarewards platform. Simply click on the form on our partnership webpage, have the vendors fill it out and send it in. From there our partners at Access Development (platform host) will start to work with the vendor in order to get them up on My FFA Rewards.

What is the Financial Breakdown For My Chapter.

At the end of every month, we will reconcile the amount raised in your fundraiser. You will receive 70% of the amount of the NET amount once the Credit Card Fee is taken out. Example: Someone Supports with $100 Credit Card Fee is $3.29 Total Net Amount = $96.71 (Chapter Receives 70% of this total) Breakdown Sent = $67.70 - To FFA Chapter 1/3 of the remaining 30% goes to National, State, NAAE for a total of 30% back to FFA!

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