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How It Works

Our platform partner has a massive inventory of hotels with wholesale pricing. Members can save up to 60% off hotel pricing using the FFA Travel part of In some cases, the discounts are even deeper. Because we don’t advertise these deals publicly, they are only seen by Private Members Groups like our FFA communities. 


Hotels do not allow their wholesale rates to be displayed in the public domain. and other online travel agencies that play in the public space are obligated to publish retail rates that don’t undermine the hotels.


Program Features & Benefits

  • Every FFA Travel & Rewards membership comes with Ca$hback Travel.

  • Deals only available to private member groups 

  • One-stop-shop travel discount network — hotels, car rentals, activities, and flights

  • More than 700K hotels worldwide Price comparisons with other vendors (including Expedia and Travelocity) 

  • Free cancellations on most hotels Up to 60% off Hotels  

  • Free cancellations on car rentals Book now or pay later car rental option 200+ airlines including low-cost carrier (e.g., Southwest Airlines)

  •  Up to $60 off Disney tickets Discounted worldwide Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and other theme park tickets  

  • Friendly and responsive 24/7 customer service 

  • Paperless confirmation 

  • Star ratings and Trip Advisor reviews 

  • No hidden fees or contracts

  • BBB Accredited with A+


What Supporters Receive

  • Wholesale pricing on over 700,000 nationally branded hotels

  • Discounts on 16,000 Theme Park and Entertainment Venues

  • 22,000 car rental locations

  • Wholesale pricing on 200+ Airlines including low-cost carrier

  • 100% USA based call centerToll-free voice, webchat, and email support

  • Bi-lingual support as needed

  • 24/7-member service and support courtesy pre-arrival hotel confirmations

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Get Started

How It Works

  1. Fill out our form to receive more information about our program.

  2. One of our Bloom Representatives will contact you to answer all your questions.

  • What are the benefits?
    Raise funds during “POWER HOUR” you can safely raise all the funds you need. Power Hour is virtual, and doing one provides a huge boost to the fundraiser and is a great team-building experience.
  • How Long Does The Fundraiser Take?
    You can do this ALL over the phone and online by text messaging & email. There is no setup or delivery or money collecting. 100% transparency, you have complete access to the campaign, and all transactions are completed on a secure server. Enabling coaches to keep all participants accountable by monitoring their participation. You can share your fundraiser with anyone nationwide; no more door-to-door selling. We have eliminated the local fundraising fatigue and enabled groups from the same school or area to ALL run this fundraiser.
  • What do supporters get for their contributions?
    Everyone who contributes to your fundraiser receives a digital travel and savings membership to help them save locally and nationally where they shop, eat, play, or travel for an entire year, literally savings them thousands annually. Our travel and saving rewards provide a 50% increase in supporters participating.
  • Can we track who raises funds?
    ALL participants will receive credit for their donations when setting up their link (which takes 30 seconds), enabling groups to allocate funds or award incentives to each participant if desired.
  • What’s involved in an online Fundraiser?
    Email, social media and text messaging. We like to start with text. We set up a custom campaign dashboard for your group. It requires your logo, a high-resolution photo, a 30-second “WE NEED YOU HELP” video (highly impactful), start date, your fundraising goal, funds usage, coach or directors’ email, and where you want your profit check mailed. Not required but recommended: A Power Hour Fundraiser: Set a date for each wrestler and their parents to set aside 1 hour or more; many will go longer to make sure they reach their goal. This will allow you to see everything that is or is not happening, maintain momentum and measure individual results. Each participant creates an account that is shared with family and friends nationwide. Parents should be the first to offer their support so they can share the link too! Parents send links to co-workers, asking them to support their child and post on social media. Each participant sends out their campaign link asking for support via text message to family and friends nationwide. Then follows up with a call to make sure they saw the text and let them know that they need their support NOW! It helps if you make this a competition or offer incentives for reaching goals. We provided an email to share with wrestlers and parents that will have all the information & instructions.
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