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To support the growth of your county clubs across America by offering a profitable funding solution.

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To deliver unrestricted dollars to your state and county organization.

4-H funding solution

With Growing Clover, you can raise unrestricted funds to:

  • Expand and enhance programming

  • Reach a greater number of youth

  • Build awareness of your group

Start Fundraising For Camps, Conference and Competitions

...with one of these great program options.

* Both programs are available for County Wide Programs as well. 

Card Campaign


What is Growing Clover?

Growing Clover is an online savings and travel portal which provides a unique funding opportunity to state and county 4-H programs. 4-H professionals simply share their custom built Growing Clover page to their database and social media platforms asking supporters to participate for $10. Virtually 100% of the $10 goes back to support 4-H programming! In return, 4-H families and community members are able to support 4-H and receive a one year savings and travel membership, which includes a $100 voucher for hotel stays.

HOW IT WORKS - How can I participate?

The state 4-H office or foundation office must first register their state. Once approved, county 4-H professionals can begin with our simple start form.

How do I implement it?

You simply let us know you want to participate. We will email you your unique URL and login/password so that you can track donations if you wish. You will then copy and paste a communication we send you into email and push it out to as many supporters as you can. In addition, we will email you a link to access marketing resources such as social media posts and printable fliers. Finally, we will send you best practices through a series of emails so that you can maximize this opportunity in the easiest way possible!

What is the timeframe for the fundraiser?

Based on experience, we recommend the state page be open for a four (4) week window and all participating counties reach out to program participant families, alumni, volunteers and their general community within that time frame.

How do I get my campaign link?

We will email you your unique link along with every element you need to be successful!

How much time/work will it take me?

We build your custom page/URL and email it to you along with various email templates, social media posts, printable flier and more. The amount of time/work will depend on how long it takes you to copy and paste information into email, Facebook, Twitter and then hit “send”. We will provide you with everything you need to be successful!

Where do I find promotional material?

You will be provided with a link where you can access them at your convenience

Are there additional benefits to this program?

Yes, all communications will extend the 4-H brand, create awareness, and speak to the positive impact 4-H has on young people and your community.

FINANCIALS - What percentage of the $10 goes to benefit 4-H?

The entire $10 purchase minus a $0.68 credit card fee goes back to support 4-H! Of a $10 purchase price minus credit card fee, the suggested breakout is as follows: 75% to county 15% to state 10% to the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA), the professional development organization of youth development professionals. The funds NAE4-HA receives will be used to continue the work of the association. *Note: The above county and state distribution is only a suggestion. The state can decide how funds are distributed at the state and county level.

How much will I make for my county program?

How much your county generates depends on how many supporters purchase memberships. For easy matrix purposes, here are some sample scenarios at 75%: 25 memberships = $175 to the county
100 memberships = $700 to the county
250 memberships = $1,750 to the county
400 memberships = $2,800 to the county

When will I receive funds?

A monthly reconciliation of your funds raised will be automatically sent to each county and state on or before the 20th of the following month when your campaign is completed. Funds will be transferred via your provided ACH number. If you choose not to provide your ACH number then funds will be sent via check within 30 days of campaign completion. There is a $35 fee taken out of funds by the processing company to manually reconcile your account and mail proceeds.

What are the fees?

There is no cost for 4-H to participate. All you have to do is share this opportunity with your 4-H members and families using the communication templates we provide. Supporters can participate by purchasing a Growing Clover membership for $10 plus a $3 activation fee. They can save hundreds of dollars per year plus a $100 travel voucher.

GROWING CLOVER MEMBERSHIPS - How does someone support a campaign?

Participating states and counties will be provided a unique URL to share with their 4-H community. All they have to do is click on your link, select the $10 level and enter payment information. Once complete, they will be sent quick and simple instructions about how to redeem their travel and savings membership plus $100 travel voucher.

What does someone receive with a Growing Clover Membership?

They will receive access to a 12 month membership at This is a savings and travel site that can save them hundreds of dollars per year. In addition, they will also receive a $100 travel voucher they can apply to already discounted hotel rooms across the USA.

How does someone redeem their savings and travel membership and voucher?

Once a supporter submits online payment, they will receive a “thank you” email. Within that email, they will receive specific steps about how to redeem the Growing Clover Bonus Rewards Membership and travel voucher.

What happens if someone provides more than $10?

If someone elects to give more than the $10 ask, the percentage breakout will remain the same: 10% - NAE4-HA 15% - state 75% - county *Note: The state can decide how funds are distributed at the state and county level.

Is Growing Clover endorsed by 4-H?

No. No endorsement of products or services is granted or implied by 4-H, the U.S. government, or any of its organizational units or employees.

Is our purchase tax-deductible?

No, since you receive a savings and travel membership in return for your $10 payment, this purchase is not tax-deductible.

No endorsement of products or services is granted or implied by 4-H, the U.S. government, or any of its organizational units or employees.

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