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Tips & Tricks for a Successful Fundraiser

Before You Start

Set Goals

Have a good idea of how many kids/families are participating and how many cards they need to sell so you hit your overall financial goal.

Check the Community Calendar Are there other fundraisers being planned in your community? You may need to work with parents to stagger fundraiser events. If you’re only running one fundraiser at a time, your group can stay focus on their goals.

Schedule Three Weeks Define a start and end date that doesn’t run more than 3 weeks. That will keep energy high and prevent your program from fizzling.

Prepare to Communication Create materials that will help raise awareness among your supporters. Increase sales by checking-in with your participants frequently to keep them motivated. Emails, social media posts, and invitations to sales events are great ways to stay in touch throughout the entire fundraiser. Use our templates or create your own.

Inform Participants Recruit participants to the fundraiser by sending out an informational e-mail that gives an overview of the fundraiser. If possible, plan a meeting at least a week before the fundraiser to go over the details in-person. This will give you time to delegate responsibilities, answer questions and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Week 1: Kickoff

Kick-off Event for Participants An exciting kick-off event is crucial for a successful fundraiser. At a parent meeting or other in-person event, hand out the number of cards you need each family to sell. Also, provide any sales materials they might need to be successful. Make sure each participant understands what the VIP Savings Card is and how much it costs ($20).

Announcement to Supporters If you have access to friends and family through email or social media, let them know you’ve started a fundraiser and would like their support.

Week 2: Midpoint

Midpoint Check-In

Stay in touch with you participants to make sure they’re on track to meet their sales goal. Address misunderstandings early while there is still time to correct mistakes.

Midpoint Collection Collect money from participants who met their sales goal early in the fundraiser. Encourage them to sell more cards. This will also give you an idea of how close you are to meeting your fundraising goal.

Week 3: Conclusion

Finish Strong Remind participants there is one week left in the fundraiser to sell the rest of their VIP Savings Cards. Announce to potential supporters it is their last chance to contribute to the fundraiser. Do what you can to motivate participants and drive last minute sales.

Final Collection Have your fundraiser end on a Sunday so participants have a final weekend to sell their cards. Collect money and any unsold cards the following week.

Wrapping Up Once everything has been collected, contact your Bloom account manager at 844-534-3168 to let them know how you did! They will walk you through your payment options. All payments and returns should be sent to:

Bloom, 2002

Eastwood Rd.

Wilmington, NC 28403

(844) 534-3168

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