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Don’t Forget to Say These Two Simple Words: Thank you.

One of the best things a group can do to gain supporters is let a handful of dedicated and energized individuals lead the way and engage their audience on social media, through email, and via text. Once you’ve identified your donors, be sure to say THANK YOU!

Consider a few different ways to say thank you to supporters:

1. Video

Getting your team together for a quick, easy YouTube video takes very little resources yet goes a long way. Consider adding text to the video calling out supporters by name and send it to your donor database at the conclusion of your fundraiser.


2. Facebook or Website Appreciation

Posting a message on your Facebook page or organization website can go a very long way to show a public display of affection. It also promotes thankfulness and shows everyone how much you appreciate their support.


3. Handwritten Note

In addition to saying thank you as soon as you receive a donation, follow up with a handwritten note that talks about the importance of their gift and the impact it will have on your cause. Few things you do will mean more than this simple gesture.


4. Make a Personal Phone Call

When a donor hears your voice on the other end of the line thanking them for their contribution to your cause, that goes a long way! To make this time efficient and staggered, consider calling your supporter within 48 hours of their donation.



All groups should have a personal relationship with their donors. It’s important to show appreciation in a timely and sincere manner. After all, your supporters are the ones who contributed to your fundraising campaign!

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