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Junior Golf Online Program

PGA Sections across the country are participating in the opportunity to create awareness benefiting their foundations at the grassroots level! Why? Because this online fundraiser generates proceeds for your PGA section's foundation. It offers our junior golfers an opportunity to GIVE back to a game and a foundation that invests so much in their lives. However, the junior doesn't go unrewarded for their efforts once they reach their goals - they EARN a limited-edition personalized Sun Mountain Golf Bag (the junior’s name will be embroidered on the ball pocket along with the section logo).

This program has proven to be successful in 11 of our 41 PGA sections thus far and we are looking to continue to build in the 2019 year. The best part of the program is how simple it is for the section to use - yet it is so rewarding! I would love to share more information with you about the program and its benefits for your section and your junior golfers - but for now until we can talk in person - let's have the quotes speak for themselves.


"The PGA Northern Ohio Section has a large focus in the future of golf. With our Junior Tours, we want to not only give our players the opportunity to develop their skills in golf, but also to develop life skills. Bloom For Good gave us a platform to put our Foundation in our Juniors hands and allow them to give back to the community while still being rewarded for doing so."

Thank you again for everything that you do for all the section foundations. I really enjoyed seeing the response of our juniors this season and I am looking forward to seeing the response with our Juniors next season as well! -

Bradley Sims - Junior Golf Tournament Director

Northern Ohio PGA


“The MAPGA Foundation exists to improve lives through the community of golf. We are dedicated to impacting the game through youth, military and community engagement. Being able to have our kids participate in a program like this is huge, because the funds we collect are going directly into programs that will benefit them and other future junior golfers. Also, earning something and working towards something is always more rewarding and beneficial than just receiving it. I love that this fundraiser can show our kids that.”

Tajma Brown | PGA Works Fellow

Middle Atlantic Section, PGA


In a recent conversation with the Southern California PGA, who happens to be rocking this program this year earning more than $5600 for their foundation; Matt Gilson Foundation Director Southern California PGA, described the program as simple, easy and a no brainer for creating funds that they can use to help provide additional services to their junior golfers. One of many ways they touch the lives of our juniors and grow the game of golf is with the ClubsForeYouth initiative - They donate clubs to our youth so they have an opportunity to use proper equipment getting them participating at the high school levels.

"Since its inception, the initiative has impacted 264 individual students across schools throughout the Southern California area, and shows no signs of slowing. The initiative aims to donate over 600 sets to both boys and girls in 2018."


Let me ask you - if you had the opportunity to grow the game, impact the lives of your junior golfers and get additional funding to create more opportunities - all at the same time - why would you not? Let's give back, let's challenge each other to make greater opportunities for our junior golfers.

Want additional Information:

Jessie Stewart, PGA

o. 844-534-3168

c. 561-676-6243

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