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Power of Giving .....

As we are approaching the end of 2018 -- it makes me reflect on this years opportunities with our program and how much we have accomplished so far this year. We successfully reached over 320 kids within 12 of our participating PGA sections that had the chance to earn their BAG of HONOR.

While we are super excited about how much revenue that generated for those PGA Sections Foundations and about how they are able to use that additional funding for the betterment of their programs -- It also gets me thinking of how many unreached junior golfers there are that are still out there. We have 41 PGA sections in the United States -- that leaves quite a few junior golfers in the databases that can earn their golf bags.

For those who know me know that Junior golf holds such a special place in my heart and there is nothing quite like teaching a junior about golf as more than a sport but that the values learned also pertain to life as well. I am a US Kids Certified Coach and always try to teach my junior golfers to look beyond golf as just a sport. One of the most rewarding things to watch is their successes on and off the golf course is how they instill those lessons taught. Such lessons like the POWER OF GIVING -- this was the bases of our campaign for our Junior Golf Online program this year. We run our program with hope that it gives the POWER to teach kids that golf can be about giving to others, building other opportunities and supporting a game/foundation that has given so much effort to them. It is about working to EARN your limited edition personalized golf bag! The instilled lessons behind helping to fund a cause that is bigger than you, bigger than a sport -- well, those lessons are priceless.

So what does this mean for the close of this year and into heading into a successful 2019 year? It means creating more awareness for our PGA Sections Foundations and growing our base from 12 sections participating to REACHING more! Working harder to see more kids EARN their golf bags and then creating a bigger “Honor Roll” of kids for 2019. It becomes a clear GOAL that we haven’t even touched the amount of difference that we can make with our YOUTH. Helping successfully give back to the sections foundations is something that we at BLOOM are so happy to be apart of and although small it makes a difference -- Imagine seeing your junior golfer opening up their very own personalized golf bag that they worked hard to EARN -- then image them carrying it around with a sense of pride. That is what our future is -- hard work = pride.

If you are apart of the success this year that made a difference in your PGA section --THANK YOU! If you haven’t earned your golf bag yet, we look forward to seeing you carrying it soon! For our participating PGA Sections - Thank you for supporting our program and for letting us be a small part of your success! We look forward to watching your future grow!

Jessie Stewart, PGA Professional

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