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Growing Clover - Too Good To be True?

A fundraiser for 4-H professionals that doesn’t take a lot of time? It’s true! I have done MANY fundraisers through 4-H: bake sales, car washes, coupon books, concession stands, selling frozen foods, pancake breakfasts, BBQ plates… you get the idea. All of them took a lot of time planning the event, coordinating volunteers, working the fundraiser, and/or managing the plethora of inventory items we were selling. Many of them were successful on various levels but I’m excited to share what I think will be the biggest funding opportunity for 4-H to date.

It's So Easy -- 1.2.3....

Growing Clover is an online funding program designed specifically for 4-H. We build a customized funding page for your 4-H program, then you share it! You share your story and extend the 4-H brand, and people can support your programs by purchasing a Growing Clover Savings membership for $10. This savings membership provides them with online access to discounts at local and national retailers and restaurants, including a $100 travel voucher for hotel stays! Their $10 purchase goes a long way in helping 4-H. Minus a small credit card fee, 93% stays with 4-H!

The “fine print”

Now, it would be unjust if I didn’t tell you there was a little work involved. To be successful, you must share and promote your fundraiser! It takes a little bit of time to post on social media, send a few emails, or text your link to others, but we’ve done a lot of this work for you. However, compared to a lot of fundraisers, the time you will spend sharing your Growing Clover campaign will be minimal.

The benefits

There’s no risk involved. No cost to participate.

There’s no inventory to keep track of or return.

You use the power of social media to raise awareness of 4-H in your community.

Of every $10 purchase, $9.32 supports 4-H.

An annual pancake breakfast or bake sale may make your customers’ tummies happy for a few hours, but Growing Clover will make their wallets happy all year long.

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