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Why Is This Golf Bag So Important?

Why Is This Golf Bag So Important?

It isn’t just any golf bag! It is a customized Sun Mountain Golf Bag personalized with the PGA Sections Foundation and the junior golfers name on it.

But Still – Why should they work for?

We imagine a world where we help our youth and the values of what this bag honors. This is why we often refer to the program as “Earning your bag of honor.” Much like the game of golf, this bag represents honesty, integrity and giving back. What I have always loved about the game of golf is the values it teaches as we learn it and continues through life as we play it! Once we give this opportunity to our youth they can honor the game and the section by giving back with the proceeds earned for the bag!

Is there really a better way to teach kids the value to giving? Yes, they do earn a bag and yes they do have to ask others to give; but in the end the section benefits as well! So it isn’t just about the golf bag that is carrying their most prized possessions around – it means they worked for something BIGGER than themselves “a BAG of HONOR for giving back!”

I don’t know about you – but the thought of that makes me smile!

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