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Gifting An Experience

My name is Mae and I work for Growing Clover. But I also have a second job that I take very seriously: being a super, big sister to my little brother, Keaton. I am sixteen years older than my brother and he is everything to me. Being so much older is great, because I am able to take Keaton on fun trips and we do fun things with just us two! This year, my Christmas present to Keaton is just that: a trip! While trying to think of what to get him for Christmas, I realized that he has SO MUCH STUFF. There are toys and Legos everywhere in his room. He even has toys boxed up from last Christmas that he has not even opened yet. He mostly enjoys his legos and video games, like any 9-year-old boy. So, I decided instead of giving him more stuff that collects dust, I would do something different this year.

A trip to LEGOLAND and Disney World was on my radar! What a great idea! I started making plans to take him on this adventure in January. However, when I went to look at ticket prices and hotels, my heart stopped. Traveling can be so expensive these days between gas prices, admission tickets, and hotel bookings.

“Maybe I won’t be able to pull this off”… I thought.

Then, I remembered I could use the discounts on my Growing Clover Membership! Not only did I have 100 travel credits saved up, but I remembered seeing admission tickets on the website too. When I went to see the discounts on my membership, I was filled with joy! This trip was TOTALLY doable. As I started using discounts to book everything, I began to get more and more excited about surprising my brother with this trip on Christmas morning.

Here, is the breakdown of my savings for the trip, with and without my Growing Clover Membership:

With Without:

Legoland (2 Tickets): $91 $182

Hotel (3 nights): $107 $202

Disney (2 Tickets): $100 $220

Total: $298 $604

Yes, you are reading that right! With using my Growing Clover Membership, I saved $306!!! This isn’t even including all of the discounts I will be using on restaurants while we are there. When I noticed how much I had saved with my discounts, I decided to buy him a box of legos anyway.

It is Christmas, after all, and I used a discount on that too!

Merry Christmas to Keaton and Merry Christmas to me!

Thank you, Growing Clover!

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