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It’s Never Too Early To Plan For Camp

Personalized Fundraising Pages

At Growing Clover, the new year is an exciting time. Spring is just a couple of months away and I can not wait to see the sun shine again!

After spring, comes summer which means….

4-H Summer Camp time!

As a former camper, I can tell you that summer camps will create the best memories and friendships for our young people. When I was a kid, I spent the entire summer at multiple camps in my hometown. One camp, I attended for one week every year for seven years in a row.

That’s commitment!

Looking back, I don’t know how my parents were able to afford all of the camp opportunities for me. Not to mention, camp sign ups can sometimes be in January, right after Christmas. My parents must have saved and planned for a long time. I can’t imagine the financial burden they took on, in order to give me the experiences of a lifetime. I am so incredibly thankful to them for this gift!

However, I wish that there had been another way to finance my camps. Today, young people have more options for camps and for funding. 4-H campers, specifically, have access to Growing Clover! This program not only lifts the financial burden off of parents, it lets friends and family participate in giving the gift of camp, and it teaches the camper about reaching out into the community and working towards their goals! I wish I this was around in this when I was a kid!

With Growing Clover, there would be the opportunity for my own fundraising page with a personalized mission statement. Then I could share with family and friends about something I love so much: camp! Getting everyone involved in my life like that, would have been so much fun. I wish I hadn’t grown up and could still go to camp but at least today, I can help other young people go to 4-H Camp.

So, don’t wait! Sign up your kids for 4-H Camp, today! And don’t stress, because it is so easy to raise the funds with Growing Clover! You won’t regret giving kids these opportunities. If they’re anything like me, the memories made at camp will last a lifetime.

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