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Encouraging Crowdfunding for Kids

How do you currently fundraise? Lemonade stands? Countless hours of selling door to door? Candy bars? Coupon Books? Magazines? Pick your poison, right? Honestly, we have all been there. But with today's society where we spend more time on our phones, social media and emails, we have to change our thinking to mold the outcome of funding. It's high time we start to think outside the box!!

Have you ever considered the power of Crowdfunding? What it actually can do for our youth to help provide Leadership skills? As we launch into 2019 lets take a look at some of the top ways that we can help our youth with crowdfunding opportunities.

1. The Power of Leadership - providing the kids an opportunity to showcase what they are fundraising for provides a sense of ownership. They can create interpersonal skills by talking with friends and family and sharing their opportunity with others.

2. Craft a Story - who wouldn't want to help a kid achieve their goals? Through crafting a personalized story on their crowdfunding pages it often helps them get to where they are going faster.

3. Crowdfunding Online - How many kids do you see walking around with phones in hands? On their ipads? As much as we may not like this hard fact, we need to embrace how it may be able to help. That's what makes crowdfunding so easy for our youth. In just a few buttons they can share their personalized pages with tons of friends/family/social media. This brings massive amounts of donors even outside of your community. This makes the online crowdfunding opportunity a huge success.

Crowdfunding doesn't have to be complicated. As a matter of fact it is extremely easy! Our commitment to the greater good has never been stronger. This is the perfect way for us to help our youth achieve their goals and teach a few life lessons along the way.

We look forward to all of the ways we can help your kids with crowdfunding!

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