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Is Fundraising Running Your Life?

It doesn’t have to be if you don’t let it! Remember every New Year when you make that Resolution but somehow by week 3 you are actually not following through with it? Don’t worry you aren’t alone! It happens to us all. Seriously, are you there right now?

But what if this year our Resolution was to Raise More Funding? What if this year we didn’t give up on our goals? At Bloom, we are so committed to making it simple and easy for you to succeed. It’s like having extra players on your own team! Our staff will do 90% of the work for you and you reap the benefits! Yes, that that sounds crazy, but we want you to succeed with all of the amazing things you do daily for our youth organizations. Why? Because I am mother, I fundraise with my child, I know what it feels like to have to do the same thing OVER and OVER again, year after year. It’s a tedious process and that had to change.

You, amazing team leader, you are building up the children for the next generation! You need all of the help that you can, not because you can’t do it on your own but because you shouldn’t have to! So seriously, we would love to be on your team helping you build up an empire of funding that will help you do all of the things you’ve wanted to do with the kids but haven’t been able to. We want to be there every. single. step! What matters to you matters to us!

Energize Your Fundraising --

Ever feel like the you need to be more like the energizer bunny in order to fundraise? We all do! It seems like the never ending process of receiving inventory, taking orders, compiling it together and then getting it out. Only to earn what feels like penny’s on the dollar! How about 3 simple steps that keep you from all of those overloading brain working things!!

  1. Set up a Start Form

  2. Get your personalized Fundraising page - make sure it personal

  3. share - share - share

21 days later - you have ZERO inventory, you have 93% of your profits and you have money in the bank. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Why not let us do the work for you?

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