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We have the key to make YOU VIP!

Is there a reason you WOULDN’T want to save thousands of dollars?! We can help you with that! Our VIP Membership really saves you thousands of dollars! Much smaller you’re your typical coupon book, just use this code off the card to get hundreds of local and national savings. You have to eat, right? Surely, you shop? Why wouldn’t you want to save money doing these everyday things? Rewarding indeed!! Check out the savings offered through our VIP membership!

My favorite? Hmm...the $100 travel voucher/credits? It gives me a reason to go on spur of the moment trips and enjoy myself without the financial stress. Then again, there was that time I forgot my best friend’s birthday, so I used my membership card to send her flowers for HALF the price. So really, there isn’t a favorite or best part? It is all good!!

So the question now becomes how do you access our VIP membership? Easy as 1, 2, 3! Just use one of Bloom’s platforms for your fundraising opportunities and when your supports make a donation on your custom fundraising page, they receive VIP status! They will receive a VIP Membership with access to 340,000 National and Local Discounts!

PS …. As we always suggest, be the first one to support your fundraiser and you too can have VIP status!!

Visit our website to see how you can start your fundraiser today:

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