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How Technology is Changing the Fundraising Game

Going door to door selling chocolate bars, wrapping paper, or even onions is exhausting…

However, if that is the only way to raise funds, you just have to do it!

Thanks to today’s technology and online social connections, you do not have to raise funds this way.

The Growing Clover fundraiser is an example of raising funds without the huge hassle and effort of trying to sell products. One of the fundraising options with Growing Clover, includes everything you need, online. That means no inventory, no upfront costs, and the flexibility to customize your program’s fundraiser.

Growing Clover is a game changer!

This fundraising platform asks donors for $10 donations and gives back so much more. Donors receive an online coupon-book: The Growing Clover Membership. This includes a $100 Travel Voucher, too! Asking your community members for just ten dollars is easy when you know they are getting that money right back, (and some). What a great way to thank them for helping your cause!

Save yourself the trouble of a time-consuming fundraiser.

Growing Clover is a no brainer!

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