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What's the deal with Growing Clover?

At Bloom, we have created a fundraising platform specifically for a program called 4-H. If you haven't heard of 4-H, they are an incredible youth development organization that helps educate kids in schools and groups by providing them with a sense of community, leadership, learning, and helping others. I could write a book on the amazing programs 4-H provides for its members. Our CEO, Pete Hexter, was one youth who was influenced by 4-H. After creating a successful fundraising business, Pete decided that it was his turn to giveback to a program that made him who he is today: 4-H.

The Growing Clover program is a fundraising platform for all 4-H organizations. Growing Clover is Nationally supported and approved for all 4-H groups in the United States.

Over six states are currently participating in Growing Clover, and many more are about to start their fundraisers as 4-H'ers prepare for Summer Camp programs across the nation.

What's the deal with Growing Clover, you ask?

The deal is, this program was created with one mission in mind: to support 4-H groups and invest in the kids.

Growing Clover is not just any fundraiser. It was made by a 4-H'er for 4-H'ers and it's personal. Pete and the Growing Clover Team have raised thousands of dollars for 4-H already and are just getting started. With between 70 and 95 percent of all profits going to 4-H Counties, States, and National levels, there is no other fundraiser like Growing Clover.

For more information about how Growing Clover works, please email me anytime at:

OR, check out the rest of our website:

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