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Is Bloom the next big thing in fundraising?

Fundraising has evolved over the years, that much is certain. Today, fundraising does not always rely on philanthropy or the generosity us the upper classes. The world we live in today is more connected, thanks to the internet, smartphones, and social media. Our culture gave birth to a critical element of fundraising: crowdfunding.

Instead of relying on a few, crowdfunding operates through small contributions from large amounts of people. Anyone can help members of their community, groups, schools, teams, etc. Crowdfunding relies on a network that is centered around the cause of the fundraiser and has led to positive change throughout the world.

Bloom not only uses crowdfunding to help groups reach their goals, the company has tapped into other ways technology can be used in fundraising. The platform used for fundraising at Bloom is unlike anything else out there. The membership program gifted to donors gives them complete online and mobile access to discounts from over 340,000 retailers nationwide. As if this wasn't impressive enough, the membership also includes a $100 Travel Voucher that can be used on hotel bookings. There is no other fundraising program that gives there donors a product that is 100 times their donation amount. It's like giving them their money right back!

While the membership is impressive on its own, the most important part of Bloom is what they give back to fundraising groups. This company was created to truly giveback to others and help people who are doing good around the world. That is why Pete Hexter, CEO and founder, has created fundraising platforms that ensure a 70% profit for every organization. In the fundraising world, this is unheard of. Most fundraisers give back between 30 and 50 percent of the profits to the organizations.

So, to answer your question: yes, Bloom is changing the fundraising game. This program is going to spread around the nation and spread fast! Check out Bloom's website and reach out to them today, because there's no reason to delay this incredible opportunity to get the help your group needs.

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