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What's In the Name?

Ever wonder where the name of companies come from? We often get asked "why Bloom For Good?" It is a realistic question! Honestly, most people think that we have some ties to flowers or that we sell flowers. It is an honest mistake when you call our office to order flowers or check on pricing for delivery.

But that isn't who we are at all! So where did we get our name?

The answers are simply in the definitions!

Bloom: to make bloom or cause to flourish

Good: excellence or merit; kindness

When you put those simple, yet effective words together it makes for a company that was built around serving communities. Our sole journey is based off of helping communities BLOOM by offering unique turnkey fundraising opportunities.

So that then leads to the question: Why? Why would we build a company based off of giving so much back to communities? The short answer; to do GOOD! There are few opportunities out in the world where you get the chance to do something really great for other people. What we do on a daily basis helps impact our youth organizations across the United States. That is WHY we do what we do. More than likely your passions are aligned with ours!

The best part in my opinion about what we do is we don't view anyone as a "client." We view each person, organization or school as a "partner." We are looking to place ourselves within the communities that are looking a long-term partner in their fundraising. These key relationships are built on 3 major things: Trust, Respect and Shared Vision and Values.

So next time you are thinking of what does Bloom For Good mean, think of a valued partnership that will help you reach your long-term fundraising success.

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