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Calling All Junior Golfers

We are on the rise with golf bag orders. Do you know why? Because they are FREE! That's right, you didn't misunderstand I did say FREE.

But nothing is ever free. Well, that you got me on! It's only FREE to the junior golfer who is willing to work hard to give back to their PGA Section or Association. However, with a little work it isn't hard to EARN your golf bag.

At Bloom, we believe in giving back to organizations that impact our youth on a large scale. We are after all talking about our future business owners, leaders, sports players or whatever you dream to be! We are making an investment into the future of the game of golf too! All of the amazing programming our sections and associations put together and run for our youth doesn't just happen. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. They get up early, they plan for weeks upon weeks, they stay until the last junior is off the golf course or finished with the event.

The Junior Golf Online Program is a way to "give back." Not only to the individuals that make all of the programs happen today but the grass-roots funding that we gather now will help junior golfers and programs that are on the rise. So no, it isn't 100% free, like all things in life, if you work hard enough for it then you will reap the reward of a personalized golf bag.

Can we count on you to give back? To embrace the challenge that comes with helping your sections foundations grow? We hope so, it's an inventment into the future of golf.

“For it is in giving that we receive.”

– Francis of Assisi

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