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Path To Success

Often we set ourselves up to think that success is a long but straight road! But then reality sinks in and we realize that not only is it longer than we thought, but it isn't straight either. Success takes many turns and sometimes sharp ones. Ever thought you had it figured out only to realize you didn't know as much as you thought?

That is often how fundraising works. You look for the most successful path, most profit return, easiest route, only to realize that it takes way more work than you ever thought it would. Most of the time you are only getting 1/2 of the return back if even that. Yet it takes the same amount of grind.

We look at success probably the same way you do, up and downs. But what we look at is long term relationships with our fundraising partners. We look at the organizations that will make the most impact for our future generations. Who is inventing in our youth? Who is putting in the effort and needs funding help. Truthfully, for us success is measured by how many kids we impact, what the organization can gain from their fundraiser and giving way more than we take. Partnerships = Success

So as you are preparing yourself for your next fundraiser, remember, its about giving back. It's about putting in the hard work. It is about how much you impact our youth. We hope that when you think of success in fundraising, you will think of a partnership with us. If we all come together, our impact for the future will be a lot brighter.

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