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Saving Your Summer Camp Budget

It's quickly approaching summer! We all know that means if you have kids or run a youth program you have to get out a calendar and start planning the weeks. While most parents don't get the entire summers off it is important to plan out the weeks down to the letter. Ever sit down and look at all the incredible camps that are available for kids? There are tons. Sports camps, church camps, 4-H camps, adventure camps, equestrian camps, robotics camp and the list goes on. Of course there are way to many to list here.

Then reality hits! The kids want to do it all - but your wallets, our budgets, not so much. For this exact reason is why we developed the camp, competition and conference fundraising options. Why not take some of the pressure off the budget and utilize the platforms. After all it was designed with parents and program leaders in mind.

It doesn't have to be all hard, let us help you make it easier. We are committed to being on your team!

For more information on how the programs work:

4-H Professionals: Click Here

All other youth organizations: Click Here

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