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Growing Clover Cards = 70% Profit to your County 4-H program for Camps, Conferences and Competitions.

To be honest, we decided to launch Growing Clover when we saw an opportunity to help impact the youth within the organization. We want to be your partner in fundraising, to help you successful get the profit that you deserve. But mainly to help you take some of the financial strain off of building a successful program. We look forward to speaking with you on all of the ways that we can make a difference together!

Things to Know About Growing Clover: 1. Your supporters purchase a membership for $10.00 2. They gain access to the BEST savings platform in America at 1/2 the price of our competition 3. The Membership is Online and App friendly = ZERO coupons to find or lose 4. We will provide you with flyers, social media postings and success ideas 5. You receive 70% PROFIT + there is NO UPFRONT COST

Jessie Stewart

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