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FFA Chapter Challenge

News from an FFA supporting partner

We had the pleasure of meeting many of you last year at the FFA Convention. Since then we have spent the past months working with FFA developing and preparing to launch the FFA Chapter Challenge. We talked with Ag administrators and members of your state and national teams, formulating a program that provides FFA funding with emphasis on profits to the chapters while expanding state scholarships.

WHY WOULD WE BECOME INVOLVED ? Well, as I shared last year I was raised on a farm and carried the “life lessons” learned in that environment throughout his career. So supporting the people who are the heartbeat and foundation of the Ag industry is very relevant to me personally and our Bloom team! WE WANT TO HELP! Bloom is committed to delivering a simple, highly profitable funding solution for your chapter! Our expertise is based on having worked with some of the biggest brands and youth organizations in America. The NFL, PGA, MLB and 4-H are a few who have embraced our methodology, the programs we implemented and ensuing results. PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANT …. This program is not about Bloom profit! The vast percentage of every dollar generated will end up benefiting FFA. We believe in the FFA leadership and the people like you who are positively impacting our youth. WE ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS CHAPTERS WHO TAKE THE CHALLENGE.... We hope you will lead the way and your chapter will be part of the inaugural “FFA Chapter Challenge.” The attached provides a brief summary and we are here to answer any questions.There will be special incentives coming is the first:

If you are one of the first 300 chapters to registrar and implement the program in September you will be eligible for a drawing for a $2500 grant. Click on the button below to make your “no obligation” reservation. In the meantime we are happy to follow up with a phone call to discuss any additional questions you might have about the program. Thanks for all you do for your students, your community, and the FFA!

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