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It's Not A Local Discount Card

The launch of our FFA Chapter Challenge has been incredible. The feedback and support from our Agriculture teachers is nothing short of amazing. Partnering with such a prestigious organization like National FFA and being able to help give back to the chapters at a local level, well, it's rewarding.

We have been busy this week shipping thousands to FFA Cards. Yep, just this week. Not to mention all of the incredible people and students that we have spoken to and know on a personal level. Everyone loves that it is a CUSTOM FFA card, Plus a CUSTOM FFA savings website and it has a 70% profit return to the chapter and another 5% back to the state for scholarship funding. WOW!

But let's get one thing correct. This isn't your local discount card. It is SO MUCH more than that! We often hear, this is what the football team or track team sells. But it isn't! See those cards have 5 to 10 localized discounts on them and you have to have the card in order to redeem those. But your custom FFA Card is ONLINE and APP friendly and features 340,000 discounts both LOCAL & NATIONAL. So it's like putting together the bread AND the butter at the same time.

Of course you want those local discounts on there and some of them already are. But just in case we have a plan. Simply download the form, take it to your local businesses, have them agree to a discount and we can get it on! EASY!!!

So the next time you start thinking about the "Discount Card," stop yourself and remember, it's about much more than that, 340,000+ more to be exact!

Let's chat about how this works for your local FFA chapter.

Contact us for details:

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