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A Golf Bag & A Retired Veteran....

Bloom has a unique opportunity to not only work with our youth around the United States, but to work with PGA Sections to help support their PGA HOPE programs with our online veterans golf bag program. The incredible thing about this is all the Veterans we get the chance to connect with. Just like Ken Kopra, a PGA HOPE participant from Western New York PGA. We are so thankful for this opportunity to meet Ken and learn more about him. In a recent "interview" we got to dig a little deeper into Ken's life!

"First, I am a 20 year retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force. I just started to participate in a PGA HOPE golf clinic and saw a flyer promoting the veterans online bag program. I have participated in many charitable events in my military career and also with the Knights of Columbus. I see this PGA HOPE clinic as a great venue for veterans. Not only in gaining golf skills, but in building friendships through golf. The instructors at the clinic are instilling a sense of teamwork in the veterans, which I haven't seen since my military days. When I saw the flyer at the PGA HOPE clinic, I wanted to do something to help. 

Although, I don't need a golf bag for myself, so I had to come up with a way to utilize this opportunity.  I belong to an organization called the Knights of Columbus. Our local council raises money to give back to local youth groups in our area. I saw it as a perfect opportunity to combine our fundraising with helping veterans and also the local community.  At one of our meetings I brought up the idea of collecting donations for the golf bag and then use it for a raffle to raise funds for local groups.  After talking to a few people, we decided that we would donate the bag to one of our projects in the coming year.

I am not a social media person, so I used the old fashioned way of getting donations.  I begged. I received a donation from the Knights of Columbus and at our monthly meeting, fellow members also chipped in, thus reaching or goal quickly, plus $10. I also made copies of the fliers to hand out to the other members, hoping that they would use their social media skills to earn golf bags of their own. I can personally see that the money is going to a worthy cause, and for us it is a double win, since the golf bag will also be used for an event sponsored by the Knights of Columbus."

We can not thank Ken enough, not just for his service but his servants heart. We look forward to Ken receiving the golf bag but in turn paying it forward to another organization. Grateful to have met Ken! He is a good reminder that a little kindness and spreading of joy goest a long way!

Learn more about our Veterans Online Golf Bag Program:

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