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FFA Fundraisers - This Verses That

We offer 2 very successful fundraisers for FFA! Whether you are looking to raise a large amount of money or a little bit we have you covered for both. Learn more about which one fits your goals.

My FFA Fundraiser: Raise a large amount of money and fast with our Proven Power Hour

Advantages: no products, no distribution, no freezers needed


  • We build your chapter a unique online fundraising URL (Zero Risk)

  • Timeline - run for 3 weeks

  • Return Profits - Avg 83%

  • Run a "Power Hour" to get all your chapter members linked to your fundraiser

  • Have each chapter member text, email or post on social media during your "Power Hour"

  • See live results on your Leader Dashboard

  • Hold your students accountable by showcasing the dashboard daily

  • Supporters will receive a high valued gift of My FFA Rewards for one year

  • NEW FOR 2024 - Every Ag Teacher gets a $1000 Travel Voucher for My FFA Rewards following the close of your fundraiser.

  • For every 5 transactions you earn a pair of Bloomin' Socks for incentive

Bloomin' Fundraiser: Raise a smaller amount of money with our popular American-made socks

Advantages: Easy, Fun and Different than anything else

HOW IT WORKS: 3 options to choose from with our Fun American-made socks.

Option 1:

  • Order large bulk - 20 pairs or more for sale at events

  • Mix and Match your styles

  • $7.95 per pair - Resell for your choice of profits

Option 2:

  • Zero Risk Custom Store

  • We build you a store and send marketing

  • You market the store with text, social media and email

  • Socks sell for $12.95 per pair - You earn a $5.00 profit per pair sold

Option 3:

  • Custom Socks - a fun way to bring your vision to life

  • 100 pair min order | $7.95 per pair

  • 3- 4 Week turnaround from approval date

Our team looks forward to assisting you with all of your fundraising needs.

We are committed to making a profitable difference for your chapter!

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