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FFA, Owls & a Pandemic

For 92 years, students across America have benefited from their involvement in FFA. “National FFA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.” As a former ag teacher and FFA Advisor, I know firsthand the importance of FFA and the impact it has on the lives of students. I’ve seen so many students over the years say “I can’t” only to discover that they could. There is just something about when they put on that Blue Jacket that their confidence to achieve elevates. However, for the 1st time in this generation of agriculture educators, we face the real likelihood that FFA, as we have always known it, will be in jeopardy of it’s well known annual routines.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought many new challenges and fears to our society and has forced us all to consider a new normal. So does this new normal mean a crippling of FFA? I say NO! We are agriculturalists, we are the oldest profession in the history of the world, we’ve seen challenges of equal or greater impact throughout time. We routinely overcome drought, wildfires, disease, financial hardship, which only makes us more resilient. Our industry is the backbone of the world, and FFA is the backbone of our future agricultural leaders. We will adjust and create new ways of being successful just like our predecessors. Though FFA may look different through this pandemic, FFA will; and you will continue to make an impact on the lives of students.

Coming to Bloom was my way not to just help my chapter, but a way to touch all chapters in America. To make a difference, to the kids, to you the advisor, and the organization I’ve witnessed change lives. Who would have ever imagined a world where schools and FFA were put on pause with only uncertainty insight. So many questions, and very few answers about 2020, Bloom is here to help you overcome these challenges.

Our mission remains to make a difference in the lives of students by giving back to FFA with unprecedented generosity. We want to make sure you have the necessary resources to develop your students when the time comes for life to unpause. So through the pandemic, we took the opportunity to enhance the FFA Chapter Challenge not only the in-hand FFA Travel & Savings card, but also a way to succeed even in isolation with our online fundraising platform. We developed a way that even in a virtual world, we can still deliver you the greatest return for your efforts, keep your kids safe, provide an opportunity for engagement all while allowing you to provide a quality product to your supporters.

Just like GPS in tractors, who would have thought that technology might become so essential to your chapter fundraising solution. But it is now. We know that together we can make a difference!

Justin Snider

VP of FFA Sales

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