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Hot Tips for Your FFA Chapter Challenge?

Fundraising can be hard. But if you have a plan and a goal you are ready for success. Let us share with you some of the best incentives that have worked to get students motivated.

1. Establish Your WHY: Why are you trying to raise funds? As you go out to start fundraising everyone should be able to tell your supporters what the funds will be used for. Such as are you traveling to a competition, purchasing new products for learning or buying new FFA jackets? Whatever it is your chances of gaining more support comes from your supporters understanding why you need the money!

2. Give Incentives: nothing makes a student work harder than getting a gift on the other end of sales. We offer the most profitable fundraiser on the market and one of the main reasons that we do that is so that you can provide incentives to the students but also make a lot of profit. Out of your $7.00 you profit from each card, set aside $1.00 to offer incentives,

for every 10 Cards you sell you and pick a mystery envelope. These mystery envelopes can have a variety of gifts like $10 gift cards, movie tickets, free desserts and other surprises that will get them excited.

3. Work in pairs: have your members pick a partner. Everyone likes to work in teams and fundraising wouldn’t be any different. They can work together to come up with the best sales strategy to see who becomes the highest selling team. The top team would win an incentive.

HINT: definitely make it a competition for the class.

4. Sell in front of Stores: There is a reason that the girl scouts sell their cookies outside of stores. It’s because they not only see a large range of people but they are able to extend their brand at the same time. Have your team dress in their “official” dress when they are selling their cards and not only share what they are fundraising for but why FFA is so important to the community.

5. Set a goal and make it known: Yes, make a BIG scary goal! But don’t forget to communicate it to your chapter. If they understand the clear expectations you have for them as a team they are more likely to reach their goals.

If every person sells 10 cards at $10 – that is $70 profit per kid. If you sell the minimum of 100 cards – that’s $700! Easy Profits.

Maybe set up a Goal thermometer so everyone has a visual. To make it easy we added one for you on our Chapter Resources page!

PS…. Download the one attached, grab your app, travel to Office Depot AND get 50% off your printing by using your membership.

We look forward to sharing more with you and we are here to help if you have questions!

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