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How to maximize your online fundraising results

We recommend 3 weeks to run your fundraiser. Most hard work is over after you run your power hour. It is critical to push your chapter members throughout those 3 weeks. Communicate chapter member's results every few days.

Sharing is a key factor when wanting to maximize your results and keeping your students involved is another important factor

Simply view our FFA Resources page on how to successfully run your fundraiser. But if you find yourself in need of something not on there, we've got you covered, email us and ask. (

FFA Resources Page:

Tips for success:

  1. have students text the link to 20 people or load in 20-25 emails that will trigger and automatic drip campaign

  2. Put results up on the board to hold students accountable

  3. Include incentives

Want more information?

Contact Mikaela Rosenbusch the FFA Success Manager


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