Never Waste A Crisis

My Dad always shared that a crisis, if it did not kill you, would only make you stronger.

That is exactly how we have looked at the current challenges we all face.

We were in the process of finalizing our FFA Chapter Challenge “online fundraising option” when the lights went out across the FFA nation. We immediately applied all Bloom resources getting the online program activated and are pleased to share all elements that are in place and already servicing chapter needs.

The program is simple and “risk-free” with our team providing chapters all the necessary resources. And the great thing about online there is no boundaries to friends and family you might ask to support your chapter and FFA mission,

Lastly, some chapters have turned this into a chapter unifying campaign. Officers have virtually connected with members to get them engaged in the effort. What better way to keep the FFA mission in front of mind while getting a jump on generating fall funding.

So never waste the opportunity to grow!

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