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Hard to believe it was 68 years ago when my Dad sat me done and mentioned that word...I was six years old, living on a farm and I began to understand it was time to step up and start contributing. Farming responsibilities eventually turned into educational responsibilities, educational responsibility turned into corporate America and corporate America blessed me with success.

Through it all, I never forgot where it began, on our farm, which brings me to why I founded Bloom. What better way to finish my cycle of responsibility than to give something back to the organization that continues to shape young lives while delivering our next generation of leadership. All the while maintaining the great heritage of what this country was built on….agriculture.

Bloom is here to serve and support FFA….that is why 80% of every dollar generated through our FFA Chapter Challenge is given back. And much of the balance will be used to communicate the FFA Mission and support other FFA initiatives.

We will be here when you need us…...

-- Pete

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