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Running an Online Fundraiser? Use This!

Running a fundraiser can often be hard. But with our online fundraisers, you have ZERO risks. No upfront Money - All profits.

  1. Use this calendar to help you build a helpful campaign around your fundraiser.

  2. Remember we can build the link, but you have to be aggressive about sharing it, people will not find it on their own.

  3. Make sure your members are aware of what they are selling.

  4. We have an entire webpage just for support of your campaign, USE it.

  5. Text, make videos, use incentives, then share, share, share!!!

Tips that will help your Members Share information.

  • FFA Travel & Savings is a 1-year Digital Membership.

  • Discounts anywhere you travel and there is 400,000 total.

  • should be easily accessible on phones when out to show savings.

  • Cashback Travel - Rates competitive with Expedia and other 3rd party wholesalers, except with our platform you earn CASHBACK as well.

  • Digital Discounts also have "holiday deals".

Get access to our Resources to help you with your sales!

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