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What you want to know from an Ag Teacher.....

Q. How many kids are in your chapter?

A. There are 104 FFA members in our chapter, but over 200 students in our program (this semester). Both FFA members AND non-FFA agriculture students have been involved in the fundraising process.

Q. How many cards have you sold?

A. As of now, we've sold over 250 cards. With the program wrapping up this week, I am confident we will sell the remainder and hit our goal of 500 cards (550 if you include the bonus cards).

Q. Why did you choose to do the FFA Chapter Challenge?

A. The FFA Chapter Challenge is a commonsense fundraiser that makes fundraising EASY. Our FFA chapter works on a budget of over $50,000 annually. We need worthwhile fundraisers that allow our members to raise A LOT of funds in short amounts of time. The FFA Chapter Challenge does just that. Plus, the benefits associated with the discount cards sold, making selling a breeze!

Q. What are your overall thoughts about the fundraiser?

A. The discount cards sell themselves! It makes fundraising EASY and the resources Bloom provides allows both our new, non-experienced FFA members AND our veteran members excel in raising funds.

Q. What do you feel is the best selling feature of the FFA Travel and Savings Cards?

A. The Travel Voucher, is hands-down, the best feature of the Travel and Savings Card. $10 for $100 in savings? It's hard to say no! Customers purchase the card for the voucher alone. The discounts are just an added bonus!

Q. We know that your chapter has been very successful, what would you say was your best sales strategy for the cards?

A. Sales strategies have varied, but include:

  1. Get the entire program involved, not just paid FFA members. Have students place cards at their workplaces (we've sold 100 easily from doing this). Reach out to other schools in the county (We've sold to teachers/administration in several of our counties' schools). Set up tables at local businesses (We've heard this to be successful for others and are trying this in the final week). Set goals for class periods, the chapter, and our FFA officer team (our officer team alone pledged to sell 100 cards). Go over goal updates DAILY and remind students to sell.

Q. Did you use the resources that we provided for you?

A. Yes, yes, yes (along with some other resources that Justin shared)! The Sales Sheet was extremely helpful for students to have as they go around and sell. It really helps break down the major talking points. Additionally, Justin provided an example of his Rewards Program and Sales Script, which proved helpful in motivating students and preparing them to make sales.

In addition, "Partnering with Bloom for the FFA Chapter Challenge has been a HUGE success for our chapter! With only 100 members, we've worked to raise over $3,000 profit for our chapter in ONLY 3 weeks! The Bloom Team was there to help through every step of the process to ensure we were successful. This will be an ANNUAL fundraiser for us!"

Thanks for offering this awesome program for FFA. We are happy to support Bloom and will be PROUD advocates for the program! - Chris Hicks

Chris Hicks

Topsail FFA

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