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Wrangler and Bloom Join Forces.....

Wrangler Extends its FFA Support!

Just in! Wrangler has embraced the FFA Chapter Challenge with a national 20% discount offer through the FFA Travel and Savings Rewards Card.” We are thrilled to have Wrangler be part of Bloom’s ongoing efforts to deliver the most powerful and profitable fundraising program in the nation for FFA Chapters. Wrangler has a long history of supporting this outstanding youth organization and we know this FFA/ Bloom exclusive will allow supporters to enjoy yet another savings benefit when they buy the FFA card.”

The FFA Card features FFA exclusives like Justin Boots, Cavenders, Crocs, and many more. Each FFA relevant brand offers the purchaser of the FFA Travel and Savings Membership discounts of 20 to 30%. Those values coupled with the other 500,000 local and national app-friendly retail savings make the $20 membership price an incredible value. Not to mention the $100 travel voucher to use on the FFA Travel portal. The best news every sale returns $16 out of the $20 to chapters($14) and State and National FFA Foundations($2). That is 80% going back to FFA!!

For more information log onto- or contact Justin Snider at

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