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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Create a concept for your socks and start selling online.

The minimum order for our custom socks is 140, yes! But if you presale like most of our schools do and promote it to friends, family, and the entire school, it's an easy sell.

Texas A&M Poultry Science Club has sold OVER 615 pairs of socks in their presale with our Zero Risk online store opportunity! They made it simple and easy for their supporters to purchase. Socks ship directly to the home of the customer about 3 weeks following the close of the sock campaign.

Other notable campaigns: Tennessee Tech Poultry Club, Wisconsin FFA, Bradford FFA, Missouri FFA, Tennessee FFA, Texas FFA, Lumberton Raiders, Peterson Farm Bros, Virginia FFA, Minnesota FFA, Grafford FFA, Arkansas FFA, Kentucky FFA, Kansas FFA

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