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90% of every dollar raised (- CC fee) will be given back to participating restaurants

The Why

Helping with a community LIFELINE

Many of our local restaurants are on the brink of collapse threatening not only the owner's equity but a major part of our region’s labor base is connected to the hospitality industry.

Food Preparation

The What

Partnering with Wilmington Business Journal and US Foods, Bloom's will use its fundraising online resources to deliver a campaign to raise funds in support of local participating dine-in restaurants in the greater Wilmington area.

Street Food
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The How

Participating Restaurants would offer a minimum of a one-time discount on our

VIP Bonus Rewards platform which would serve to incentivize and thank the donor. A suggested restaurant offer would be a one-time10%-20% discount (excluding alcohol). All discounts will be included on Bloom's mydeals app.  

There is no cost to participating restaurants outside of the discount they provide.    

Ordering Food

The Goal

-Generate significant funds for dine-in restaurant owners in the surrounding communities.

-Help protect the jobs of your employees

-Drive new business to these restaurants

-Deliver a positive message of community goodwill.

Pizza Restaurant
Young Businesswomen

The Ask 

Donors will be asked to donate a minimum of $20 in return to receive all participating local restaurant discounts plus the total benefits of Bloom’s VIP Bonus Membership that traditionally sell for $20. Each VIP Bonus Rewards Membership includes a $100 travel credit to use at 1,000,000+ hotels and resorts as well as thousands of other “app-friendly” local and national digital retail savings.(

The online campaign will run for 3 weeks beginning 3/1/2021.  

Tapas Restaurant


It's easy to participate in "The Great Restaurant Revival" - Simply click the link below, click "Enroll Now" (located at top of page) fill out the form for our platform partners, Access Development and they will contact you to confirm your registration. 

Taking Orders

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Frequently Asked Questions


What defines Online Fundraising - (Crowdfunding)

Crowdfunding harnesses the power of email and social media so that you can raise money for a cause. The “cause” simply asks supporters to make online donations directly to a customized online platform.

How is Bloom’s Restaurant Revival Campaign different from Crowdfunding?

We build a custom landing page for the campaign donations AND give a significant gift back to every supporter in the form of a one year digital discount membership providing a range of valuable savings to restaurants,retailers (10 categories) hotels and resorts. Our discounts range from 10% to 60% and are valid for one year.

What does it cost to participate in the Great Restaurant Revival Campaign?

There is no cost to participate outside of the restuarants discount provided.

Can I offer a one time usage discount?


What is a typical discount?

We have to offer a minimum of a10% discount. The average national discount is 15% (excluding alcohol) but other offers such as buy one meal and get second 50% off,or free dessert or appetizer are all very popular.

Who collects and distributes the donations?

Bloom’s partner, Access Development, manages all the financial elements of the campaign and all the relationships on the VIP Bonus Rewards Platform. They are the largest rewards company in the nation and have over 15,000,000 customers who use their rewards platform. They maintain relationships with over 1,000,000 retailers. BLOOM DOES NOT HANDLE ANY OF THE DONATIONS OR THE DISTRIBUTION.

Who gets the donations and when is it distributed?

All participating restaurants will get an equal percentage of the total contributions. Funds will be reconciled within 20 days of the campaign ending.

How does the financial model work?

On a typical $20 donation - 3% goes toward a credit card fee and 10 Bloom retains to cover our platform usage fees,the remaining 87% goes to the campaign distribution pool.

How do I get my percentage of the donation pool?

Funds will be distributed 20 days after the 3 week campaign ends. You will receive funds by direct deposit or check from our third party partner.

What if a consumer has a problem using the platform??

Access Development has a full customer care team that provides consumer support 24/7.

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