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90% of every dollar raised (- CC fee) will be given back to participating restaurants

The Why

Helping with a community LIFELINE

Many of our local restaurants are on the brink of collapse threatening not only the owner's equity but a major part of our region’s labor base is connected to the hospitality industry.

This is our opportunity to help! 

Food Preparation

The Plan

Bloom, a Wilmington-based company, partnered with US Foods and The Wilmington Business Journal, has created a community campaign that hopefully, with individual and corporate support, will deliver a significant financial contribution to these establishments. The contribution will be divided equally among all participating restaurants. Additionally, the campaign will drive community awareness and deliver new business to many of these establishments over the next 12 months.

Street Food
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The Ask

We are asking individuals to contribute a minimum of $20 but hope corporations provide support by purchasing in bulk (see below) and giving the one year VIP Bonus Rewards Membership to their employees as a perk.

Ordering Food
Young Businesswomen

In Return

Participating restaurants are providing a range of discounts for those who support The Greater Wilmington Restaurant Revival all to be available on Bloom’s app-friendly  platform.

Tapas Restaurant
Business Lunch


Included with the Bloom VIP Bonus rewards are thousands of additional national discounts in 10 retail categories. So the deals travel with you and finally it provides access to Bloom’s national wholesale travel rates that include a $100 Travel Credit to use at over 1,000,000 hotels and resorts.

Food Truck Payment

Corporate Consideration

We want to encourage corporate participation hoping they might gift memberships to employees, we are offering the following:

10 to 24 one year memberships - $18 each

25 to 49 memberships - $15 each

50 or more memberships - $10 each

Employee membership distribution and activation are simple. We provide you with a membership card to distribute to your employees with instructions on downloading Bloom’s “My Deals app”. Each card includes an activation code.

For information contact Pete Hexter:

Call 910-262-8180

Business Meeting
Taking Orders

Who's Participating 

Frequently Asked Questions


What defines Online Fundraising - (Crowdfunding)

Crowdfunding harnesses the power of email and social media so that you can raise money for a cause. The “cause” simply asks supporters to make online donations directly to a customized online platform.

How is Bloom’s Restaurant Revival Campaign different from Crowdfunding?

Please consider giving back to our local restaurants thorough this online campaign. We are giving back a significant gift of a discount to each restaurant plus a one year digital discount membership providing a range of valuable savings to restaurants,retailers (10 categories) hotels and resorts. Our discounts range from 10% to 60% and are valid for one year.

Why should I donate?

This is an odd time for the restaurant business and we have the opportunity to help. Many small local businesses have been forced to close down due to the pandemic and not being able to sustain their revenue. This is a great way to help keep the restaurants open, staff employeed and give back all at the same time. Giving back is the greatest gift we can give.

How much money goes back to the Restaurants?

90% of every transaction is equally distributed to each participating restaurant at the end of the campaign.

How do I get my VIP membership ID to register?

Once you donate on the webpage you will receive and email that gives you a MEMBER ID. Please visit - Click Sign Up (top right of page), type in your Member ID, then fill in the rest of the fields. This will activate your membership. Once activated DOWNLOAD the MY DEALS app in the app store to access by your phone.

Where is my $100 Travel Credit?

Once activated and logged into your membership, click on Hotels at the top header. Go over to the right and click on ADD MORE - Type in code "VIP" to register your $100 Credits. Then start saving at over 1 million hotels across the USA.

Is the Membership only good at these restaurants?

No! The VIP Bonus Rewards Membership is good anywhere you travel and will search within 25 miles of your location via GPS (you can also type in a zip code). Simply log into your account via computer or App to see all of the savings wherever you are.

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