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For Your Volunteers

A $3 Thank You Providing 12 Months of Appreciation

The industry-wide question everyone faces is - how can we cost effectively show our appreciation to volunteers that work so hard to support others. We have found the solution……


Bloom developed an innovative online appreciation program that provides your volunteers access to a local and national travel & savings membership. The membership provides hundreds of dollars in savings right at their fingertips.​


Our VIP Bonus Rewards Program says thank you over and over to volunteers during their 12-month VIP membership.


Here are a few of our membership exclusive offers:

  • $100 travel voucher to use at our 1,200,000 hotels.

  • Up to 40% off resorts destinations like Disney.

  • 25 to 30% off movie theater prices nationwide.

  • 25% off everyday retail prices at Papa Johns.

  • 5 to 50% off thousands (340,000 to be exact) of local and national restaurants, retailers, automotive, health and beauty and much more.


Our exclusive VIP membership is delivered online to volunteers with your customized appreciation message.


Your volunteers will save at places like:

Your Volunteers Will Love This!

Contact us today get your volunteers the best thank you gift:


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