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PGA REACH Western New York

The Foundation was created with a goal of providing support to various organizations in the Buffalo, Rochester, Erie and the Southern Tier through the game of golf. With a focus on benevolence, the foundation will look to fund various programs such as the Western New York Section PGA Junior Golf and various underprivileged youth golf programs. In addition, the foundation will partner with a variety of initiatives that serve the physically challenged, Military and women's golf.


“What a great way to teach young athletes about the meaning of team and supporting initiatives like Junior League Golf and HOPE. Hodge was beyond excited about an opportunity to earn his personalized golf bag and easily hit his goal in under one week!”

Matt, Hodge's Dad

Junior League Golf Parent

What is the Junior Golfer Online Program?

  • It’s a simple and user-friendly online fundraiser that generates proceeds for your PGA section's foundation.  

  • It offers juniors the opportunity to earn a free, limited-edition personalized Sun Mountain golf bag (the junior’s name will be embroidered on the ball pocket along with the section logo).

  • The program typically lasts 18 days. 

  • Participants receive every element necessary to succeed including their custom-built fundraising page and series of communication about the section foundation.

  • Once the Junior reaches the $300, $400, or $700 goal, he/she will earn his/her free, personalized golf and/or travel bag!

  • Net proceeds will support the Western New York PGA Foundation.

Jessie Stewart, PGA

(844) 534-3168


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