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Our Wrestling Fundraising Resources

Planning a fundraiser doesn't have to be complicated.  With our easy 21st-century

online fundraising you can do your fundraiser in as little as an hour! 

We understand that Time is Money! 



We will build your custom fundraising page, but if people don’t know about it, then if won’t matter.  Make sure you know your audience, If you are fundraising during an event you will already have their attention.  If you are fundraising during our “Power Hour” make sure your entire group is ready to market their fundraising link.



Set a realistic monetary goal that your entire group can get behind. Be very specific about what you are raising funds for.  You will raise more if you share this information. 



During your power hour, you will be doing your most marketing.  Texting and follow-up will be the #1 goal. Stay persistent with your marketing and responses.  Just about everyone has a phone that will make texting to all their family, coworkers...etc, easy!

Don't forget the social media post, it's the best way to reach the LARGEST audience fast.  Get your parents involved in re-sharing and making their own posts.


Planning doesn’t stop when the " POWER HOUR" is over. Your Follow-up to support is just as integral to the success of the fundraiser.  Make sure to hold your team accountable to your goals, and remind them daily for the life of your fundraiser that you are all on a mission to reach your maximum goal.


TikTok, Reels, or just a standard Video made on your phone will help get your message out to your audience.  The more fun the better.


It's true your supporters get an incredible HIGH Valued gift for supporting you. Be sure to check out the Digital Discount platform to see what they receive.  Knowledge is power, this will help you when you raise more funds.

VIP Travel & Rewards Membership

VIP Travel and Rewards platform is your exclusive members-only savings platform. Which offers a 12- month Mobile

App | Online membership to your supporters.  VIP Fundraising Supporters will enjoy not only thousands of savings but also $100 travel credit to over 500,000 hotels worldwide.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 10.25.08
Tropical Island

VIP Travel and Rewards platform is your exclusive members-only savings platform. Enjoy wholesale travel pricing at resorts and hotels all around the United States. 

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