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Cincinnati Children's 

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A  Sock Campaign Delivering Smiles and Support to our Kids in Care! 

Our Sock Campaign

 For $25, we deliver the following:  

  • You choose a fun pair of our made-in-America Bloomin’ Socks, and we ship them to your home.

  • We gift a pair from you to Cincinnati Children's Kids in Care.

  • 35% of the $25 supports the Cincinnati Children’s and its comfort dog program. 

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Share our four-week turn-key “ Cincinnati Children’s Great Sock Rally.” Simply communicate the store link a couple of times through text and social media.


      ● Delivers Golden "LOVE” to those kids in need.

      ● Provides a Golden distraction, reducing anxiety and helping kids’

           coping skills.

      ● Offers a sense of unconditional love and acceptance.

      ● Normalizes the hospital experience by making it feel like home.

      ● Motivate kids to reach specific goals, such as walking, taking medicine,

         and eating.

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Support Cincinnati Children's

Let's get ready to support the Cincinnati Children's with our sock campaign. Please share the video and Cincy Sock Store link to help with the mission of supporting the Kids in Care and the Comfort Dog Team! 

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