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FFA Savings and Travel Cards

In conjunction with FFA, Bloom has developed an annual national campaign with a primary objective of funding local chapters and state grants.  Our goal is to raise additional FFA scholarships while generating thousands of dollars at the local chapter level during the Chapter Challenge Campaign. Sell FFA Travel & Savings Cards for $10 each and keep $7 profit per card sold and also helping your State | National Foundations! 

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Online Chapter Fundraising

Sell FFA Travel & Savings memberships on your online fundraising page, personalized for your chapter! Put ease into long-distance selling with this unique opportunity. Since the Travel & Savings Memberships are valid across the US you can now sell to friends and family no matter where they live. Pairs perfectly with selling cards as well, this option makes it possible to do both.

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Individual Online Fundraising with a                  Bonus

The newest of our program offers! Sell FFA Travel & Savings memberships on your personalized fundraising page! The perfect opportunity for the individual FFA member looking to go to conventions, competitions or camps.  Sell 10 FFA Travel & Savings memberships and earn a pair of Wrangler Jeans. 

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