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Meet Our Team


Pete Hexter | Managing Director

Pete was raised on a farm, ultimately leading him to want to support the agricultural industry through his efforts with Bloom for Good. But having begun his career as a nationally-acclaimed wrestling coach, he eventually turned to the private sector, where he built two mid-sized companies focused on sports licensing and manufacturing - specifically targeting school fundraising as an exclusive licensee of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and over 200 universities. Pete has served on multiple college and industry boards, including the prestigious GenYouth Foundation, sponsored by the NFL. All this led to his ongoing commitment, through Bloom for Good, to provide a unique financial resource for ag-based youth organizations that are making a difference.

Jessie Stewart, PGA | President


Jessie is a four-time collegiate golfer and All-American and brings a diverse skill set to the Bloom leadership team. Spending over a decade as a golf professional at Duke University, she eventually segued into merchandising and was awarded the honor of being the Carolinas PGA Merchandiser of the Year. Having built a solid foundation in leading others to achieve consistent success, she continues to direct innovative marketing plans, which include a wide range of online applications involving leveraging the power of social media and iteratively improving consumer user experience for all Bloom fundraising programs. In addition, her commitment to excellence has enabled her to forge critical relationships with a wide range of Bloom's corporate and foundational partners.


Mikaela Rosenbusch | FFA Success Manager

Mikaela, a resident of Florence, Texas, was raised in a small town where she actively participated in livestock competitions, particularly swine. Her involvement in FFA during her high school years played a significant role in shaping her into the person she is today. Through her FFA experience, she gained a deep understanding of the benefits of being a member, with a strong emphasis on leadership education and community involvement throughout her high school and college years. These principles have become core values that will guide her throughout her life.

Mikaela is thrilled to share her passion for FFA with you. With a wealth of experience from her FFA career, she has encountered various situations and challenges. Moreover, she is dedicated to ensuring your success and providing you with exceptional customer care throughout your fundraising journey.


Inti Heatherly | Administrative Assistant | Customer Care

Inti was born in Thailand and relocated to the United States to pursue her college degree at Southern California State University. She currently resides in Naples, Florida, with her husband and son.

Throughout her life, Inti has taken on various roles, including that of a devoted mother and wife, as well as working in guest services. However, she has now found her place as a dedicated member of the Bloom team. In her current role, she oversees the entire sock ordering and shipping operation, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Inti takes great pride in her work and is constantly striving to enhance our customer care through her dedicated efforts.


Melissa Rosenbusch - Spicer | FFA Special Consultant

Melissa is an Ag-Science Teacher at Florence High School, where she has taught for 28 years. She graduated from Tarleton State University with a Bachelor's in Ag Services and development and a Master’s of Science in Ag Education. Melissa and her husband, Wesley Spicer, live in Florence, Texas. They have 3 children: Mikaela, Landon, and Karsyn. They spend most of their free time attending livestock shows, watching the two youngest exhibit their pig and steer projects, or traveling to Colorado with family. Melissa is most excited about joining the Bloom for Good team to help support the agriculture industry and its teachers in continuing to brand and market their products and FFA programs.

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