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A Fundraiser Built for Success
88% of all profits Support Wrestling 
at the Local, State and National Levels

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Proud to Partner:

Bloom is a company owned and operated by coaches including its CEO, a nationally recognized collegiate wrestling coach. We support the mission and values of NWCA and the life-changing experiences and disciplines so many wrestlers take away from the sport


Why it Works:

Our customized, turnkey, sustainable platform is built for success, with no upfront fees, no door-to-door selling, no delivery required, and no money to collect, and offers the highest level of giving in the industry, with 80% of every dollar raised supporting wrestling at the local and national level. We give back an incredible HIGH-value gift to every donor.

How It Works:

We provide everything

Everything is done through our turnkey, online platform, making it easy to implement.

We customize your campaign

Your fundraising campaign page will have your logo, image, and a video for high-impact results.


Reach a wide audience

On the launch date, you will be amazed how easily participants are able to reach hundreds of supporters via text and social media, by using our built-in share buttons.

Automated transactions

Automated online and mobile transactions remove the burden of collecting money through a secure server, and to make sure they know their support is appreciated we follow up with a custom "Thank You" message, not only thanking but encouraging supporters to share the opportunity as well.

Automated instructions

Supporters receive automated VIP Savings membership online & mobile App instructions, making it easy for supporters to understand how to download their mobile app and access their $100 Hotel Voucher through their online travel portal.

Full access

The fundraising director is provided full access to all transactions in real-time throughout the campaign; making it easy to see who is or isn't doing their part to reach the overall goal. 

National Wrestling Coaches Bonus - $150 Travel Credit for starting your fundraiser - $500 Bonus when you reach your set goal! 


$100 Supporter Incentive

Discounts Anywhere 

Automatic funding next year

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Calculate Savings

We provide a $100  Hotel Voucher for every supporter. They simply log in to their exclusive travel portal, add their $100 travel voucher code, and the dollars are applied towards their next hotel booking at eligible hotels worldwide. Imagine saving thousands of dollars annually, when traveling for work or pleasure!

A product that everybody wants.

 Whenever they shop, eat, play, or travel, they show their phone and save! 

700,000 Discounts Nationwide

1.2 Million Hotels

Savings of 10-50% off from America’s top brands and local stores

Adding to your fundraising efforts for next year our Exclusive Savings Membership delivers year-round savings, your supporters will be happy to donate the following year! 


This provides our teams automatic funding year after year. 

Discount Savings such as these and thousands of more! 




Ready to get your Wrestling fundraising campaign started?

From start to finish we are ready to support you every step of the way.

Fundraising should be fun, let us show you.

We look forward to working with you and your team!

Add A Local Vendor to the Platform

Want to add additional vendors to the platform?

There is no risk to the Vendor and their product will be exposed to 3 million other people using the Membership Network.


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