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3 Important Reasons Your Child Should Be On A Team

Juggling numerous drop offs, pick-ups, games and recitals make many parents think twice about allowing their children to participate in as many extra-curricular activities as possible. But before you pump the brakes on another activity, consider the many social, psychological and academic benefits your kids will enjoy by being a part of a team or organized group.


Here are a few reasons why they should be on a team:

1. “Team” builds communication skills

Strong communication skills are an important part of being on a team. Children learn these skills by interacting with their teammates, coaches, volunteers, judges and parents. They can also learn when to question a ruling in a respectful manner, which can be critical to future conflict resolution skills.

2. “Team” makes kids better students

Most organizations require a certain grade point average to participate so being part of a team will make your child a better student. Also, they will build better time management skills as they begin to juggle different activities on their daily calendar.

3. “Team” builds self-esteem

When kids practice on a regular basis and see their own improvement, it builds self-esteem. Children who learn this at a young age grow into teenagers who are more confident that they can meet goals set by themselves and others.


To help relieve some of the schedule juggling you are facing as a parent, consider partnering up with other parents in a similar situation and split car pool responsibilities. Your children will benefit from being on a team for years to come!

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