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5 Ways Growing Clover Can Benefit Your 4-H Program

Thanks to the popularity of crowdfunding, there seems to be hundreds of funding platforms to choose from. But, before diving in, be sure to consider which of those platforms actually provide benefits that go beyond profits.

Growing Clover is a funding platform that was specifically designed by 4-H alumni with the needs of the 4-H professional in mind. We asked ourselves important questions, such as: How can we help 4-H grow? How can we design a funding program that will be simple for 4-H professionals to implement? How can we offer unique opportunities for the community to connect with 4-H? How can we provide funding that 4-H needs?

I am excited to share with you FIVE ways Growing Clover can benefit your 4-H program.

1. Create Awareness

As a 4-H Agent in an urban county in North Carolina, I was always excited to have an opportunity to talk about the impact of 4-H in my community. Sadly, there are many people who haven’t heard about 4-H, despite the amazing work done across every county and state in our country. Many still mistake 4-H as a rural program that is exclusive to farm kids.

This of course couldn’t be further from the truth! One of the exciting benefits of a Growing Clover campaign is its ability to spread the 4-H brand far and wide. Using social media, text and email, your group can spread the word with their 4-H families who can, in return, share it with THEIR friends and families. Then BOOM! Your 4-H program is growing as more and more people become aware of the great youth programs offered in your communities. The growth potential is exponential!

2. Work as a Team

Growing Clover is a turn-key fundraiser that can be managed by a group within your 4-H program. Building a team is easy! Simply reach out to your County 4-H Advisory Council, Volunteer Leaders, Junior Leaders or Teen Council. Your team can help you by:

  • Sharing your funding page through text, email and social media.

  • Creating and managing an incentive program for youth members.

  • Tracking your progress and updating your supporters.

  • Generating excitement towards meeting your goal.

  • Thanking supporters.

3. It’s Easy to Support 4-H

A Growing Clover campaign makes it easy for your 4-H community (members, families, volunteers, alumni and more) to support the needs of the program. They simply click on the link on their computer or phone, enter the payment information and they’re done! And with Growing Clover, you can say THANK YOU because each supporter will receive the Growing Clover membership and enjoy year round savings. For more on saying thank you with savings, check out this video.

4. Opportunities for Leadership Development

“Learn By Doing”. It’s the slogan of 4-H and the foundation of every activity 4-H members participate in. By participating in the Growing Clover campaign, the youth in your 4-H program can utilize leadership skills through sharing your fundraiser campaign, communicating their goals clearly to people in their community and using technology. Help them to set goals on how many people they will reach and how much money to raise.

5. And of Course - Growing Clover Funds a Need!

Growing Clover provides unrestricted funds for your 4-H program. Need help figuring out what to raise funds for? I wrote a blog post all about it here!

We are here to help 4-H on every level. Are you ready to get started? Click here!

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