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It's about more than a bag.....

There are 22 junior golfers who have started a online junior golf bag program this week! This program is expanding and growing by the day, which is amazing!

This year we hope to put over 1,000 kids through the program to help support the efforts of our PGA Sections foundations. The extensive work that the PGA staff for our sections put into their foundation is really an effort to expand the great game of golf! As a PGA member myself, I am thrilled to see the heart that goes into what they do!!

We tend to brag on their work on our instagram page so make sure to keep a check on there to see the "give back" they put forth.

So for the junior golfers, it really is about more than just earning a bag of honor. It's about paying it forward to all the other programming efforts the section offers. Sure, the bag is definitely the driving force, which we realize, but they are helping other people by providing financial support that creates avenues for golf.

We are thankful to have new sections joining us for 2019 and to also be moving forward to grow the ones from last year. Our mission at Bloom is to continue to give back to community and it's our hope to get more exposure for the PGA foundations. Growing the game through our youth is my passion - it's where my heart is for the the game of golf, I can't be all things to all people, but I can help provide funding for the ones that are the "boots on the ground." Truthfully, I am thankful for this opportunity and if you get the chance to pay it forward, you should be thankful too!

So here's to another successful week of earning golf bags, to raising funding for PGA sections programming and to recognizing the hard work that is put in each day to spread the love of our game. After all the great game of golf is the driving force that glues us together.

Great Golfing ~

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